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With every Battle Saint™ purchase, a contribution is made to build Intrepid Spirit Centers to treat service members with traumatic brain injuries and post traumatic stress. Purchase Jamie Lee Thurston's Ghosts In His Eyes CD and a Battle Saint™ bracelet!

To contribute, click the link below to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. Select "Battle Saint" as your referral in the drop down menu. https://www.fallenheroesfund.org/donate 

BRACELETS AND SCARVES CURRENTLY AVAILABLE BY BULK ORDER ONLY (MINIMUM 40). EMAIL INQUIRES TO This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


simon in iraqThe Battle Saint™ project was hatched by a military Mom at a family reunion. She hosted 7 of her immediate relatives who were actively serving in the military. Many of them had been deployed multiple times. The night was full of stories of war and close calls. She realized how great it would be to create a unique bracelet to honor their service and provide a sense of protection from the dangers of the battlefield. With this inspiration, she designed handmade, wooden bracelets with pictures of Saints relevant to the military.

As this project continued, we learned more about the harsh conditions on the ground in Afghanistan. Soldiers rarely complain. Instead, they adapt and overcome. Once their boots hit the ground and they get their bearings, they see everyone wearing these multi-colored, all-cotton scarves. They are sold on the streets and villages all over the country. For many soldiers, they provide a practical way to help overcome the bad weather and stinging sand storms. Soldiers tell stories of using them to tie off a wound, to cover their face during sand storms and they even become make shift pillows when all you have is the ground to sleep on.

When our son and nephew returned from their last deployment they encouraged us to adopt these combat scarves and use them to help raise money for our returning troops. We took their advice and have nicknamed them the “Battle Saint™ Scarves in Combat Colors”.  In addition, Battle Saint™ is now partnering with veterans in the United States to offer custom embroidered “hero” bracelets, key fobs and name tags. These additional items provide a broader range of products to help raise funds.

Battle Saint™ is now focused on raising funds to help build Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund “Spirit Centers” throughout the country to treat traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress. These centers will allow urgently-needed care to be brought to more troops and closer to home. The first five Intrepid Spirit centers at Fort Belvoir, VirginiaCamp Lejeune, North Carolina, Fort Campbell, KentuckyFort Bragg, North Carolina and Fort Hood, Texas are now operational. An additional center is under construction at Joint Base Lewis-McChord and up to three additional centers are planned. When you buy any Battle Saint™ item, a donation is made to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund to help build these Spirit Centers. 

The Battle Saint™ project has been embraced by soldiers, their families, friends and even the national media. Television and radio stations across the country have featured this endeavor. We are partnering with Nashville country artist Jamie Lee Thurston who is on a mission to support those that suffer the invisible wounds of war. Purchase his CD which includes the song "Ghosts in His Eyes" on our website. In addition, The Zac Brown Band joined the cause along with the Hillbilly Vegas Band and the actors from the HBO Series “The Band of Brothers”. Hillbilly Vegas has recorded a song titled "Long Way Back" dedicated to our servicemen and women. 

Today, over 150,000 supporters are wearing Battle Saint™ bracelets and scarves in combat colors and utilizing Battle Saint™ key fobs and name tags. Help support our troops - Shop Online today and join the cause!

Battle Saint is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. 



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Support our men and women in the armed forces and the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

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