Below are testimonials from individuals that have been touched by the BattleSaint project.

Steve Harris and Johnny Reed from the Hillbilly Vegas Band proudly support BattleSaint and our Troops and Veterans.

They have actually written a song that they say was inspired by BattleSaint Project which is called "Ain't Leaving Again" Hillbilly Vegas also makes a tribute to the troops at each of their concerts and shares the BattleSaint project with their audience.

shimaShima Razipour and her Army boyfriend Jose Palacio

Shima Razipour and her Army boyfriend Jose Palacio

Shima writes: “One of the greatest and rarest traits one desires in another is trust. To be able to have that with an accessory- is divine. Every morning, putting on my Battle Saint bracelet has become a repetitive routine. Each time I stretch it over my wrist, I feel a trust that allows me to continue on my day despite the constant fear and worry I have deep inside, I somehow feel better with my Battle Saint by my side.

With this bracelet, came a family of support that not only enlighten me with positive remarks, but with open ears and arms. I have grown a family of friends, that although I have never seen in person or even spoke to, I feel immensely blessed to know.

The Battle Saint bracelet is important to me in having my very own Hero, Specialist Palacio currently deployed. Prior to his deployment, I wore the bracelet greatly in appreciation of all service members. As he prepared to deploy, I slipped off my own bracelet and put it in his pocket. I was fortunate enough to come home, and find my new one sitting on my table. With my battle saint bracelet, I trust that no matter where I am….I have a family of support always there with me. That trust, is rare and for that reason, I am very grateful for having come across such an amazing organization.”

Chuck Park, US Air Force Retired Veteran from Wyoming

Angela O’Guin and brother Sgt Michael Barham

Angela O’Guin, devoted member of the BattleSaint™ family, is the sister of Sgt Michael Barham. Michael is in the Army National Guard. He wears a BattleSaint™ bracelet and has a spare hanging over his cot.

Angela tells us:

“The Battlesaint has sure helped me. As soon as I put it on I felt comfort and love. I don't feel a much panic as I did before. I feel that with me and Michael wearing one he will be wrapped in protection. I also have lupus and I have caught myself touching or rubbing it when I have been in pain.”



Mary Wiley, Gold Star Mom

sadasBrandon Kuhn US Army MPBrandon Kuhn US Army MP

Brandon writes: I just wanted you to know that I am deployed again and I brought the BattleSaint bracelet with me and it has helped me get through some pretty rough times. Just the same as before it makes me feel more like there are people who support what the soldiers are doing and that it also helps me feel more like there is a higher power that looks out for soldiers. I also wanted to let you know I have gotten a lot of compliments on the bracelet from fellow soldiers and that thinking about the saints on the bracelet helps them feel supported and protected as well. Anyways long story short I really just wanted to thank you for supporting the troops and helping us know that we are being supported and for giving me this opportunity to be more open minded about people and about having faith in the fact that there are people that really appreciate soldiers. 

I am sure that all my fellow soldiers that have had the opportunity to meet you and talk to you and have become a part of the BattleSaint family would agree that your support for us has touched all our lives in a special way. I have to admit before meeting you I never really felt like there were so many people supporting the military personnel. I see now that there are a lot more than I had thought and it has... I guess you could say renewed my faith in people. I trust you will convey a very special thank you for me to all the persons you are in contact with that support you and your program and to let them know that I appreciate everything they and you do for all the soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen around the world. Again thank you and may god bless you and yours.

dsadasDylan Rose in Afghanistan 2012Benson Rose and son, Dylan

I want to thank the BattleSaint family for letting me share

Last year when my son, Dylan, was deployed to Afghanistan, I needed something physical to connect me with my son. The BattleSaint family and bracelet provided that connection.
The bracelet was a constant reminder that my son would be protected from harm and the website gave me a chance to read how others were faring.

The Saints on the bracelet helped re-new my faith that Dylan would be safe and gave me the courage to overcome my fears of his hostile environment. The first one I wore out in about a month so I purchased several more for back-up.

Saint George has become my favorite Saint because he represents both courage and unwavering faith. My prayers were answered. All I need to do was take a brief look at my wrist and a warm glow of faith spread over me.

Finally, when the time comes, I have decided to be buried with my bracelet. A small token to keep the faith alive in the next life.

God Bless the BattleSaint family
God Bless our Military & God Bless America.



feafasfTera Marie Major- Ramirez and her Marine brother, TJ.Tera Marie Major- Ramirez and her Marine brother, TJ.

Tera shares:
“My brother is a Marine on his first deployment in Afghanistan. He is just 19 years old. His job while there, among patrolling towns and fields, was to drive the armored humvees. Two months ago, he was in an IED attack and blown up, and he was in the hospital for 1 week with very minor injuries. After that, I sent him a saint bracelet. A few weeks after he received his bracelet, he was blown up again, only this time it was much worse and his injuries were so bad, he came home. He will be okay, but the doctors told him it was a miracle that he was not paralyzed, much less alive. He told me that his saint bracelet saved his life and he is never going to take it off as long as he lives. He calls it his "beads."

I just wanted to say thank you for making these bracelets available. And for having a part in saving my brother's life. ♥ Semper Fi ♥.

BattleSaint has also spoken with TJ’s father who tells of his paralyzed son praying with his BattleSaint™ bracelet and suddenly regaining feeling in his legs. The doctors say it is a miracle he is not paralyzed.

rwqrqwCurtis wearing his BattleSaint braceletMom Ann Waller and her son, Curtis Mullenax

Curtis Mullenax with the Oklahoma Army National Guard and his Mom, Ann Waller, both wear Battle Saint™ bracelets. While Curtis was deployed to Afghanistan he requested bracelets for five of his buddies who were fighting alongside him. They noticed Curtis’ bracelet and wanted one of their own. Now, many more in their unit are requesting bracelets, as well! Curtis’ Mom, Ann writes:

“The Oklahoma National Guard, 45th Brigade Combat Team deployed to Afghanistan in June and since the end of July they have lost 14 soldiers. Curtis has hit one IED and then they were pinned down in a massive firefight with the Taliban, he was only 1 of 4 soldiers that earned the CIB for his actions during the firefight.
I have found since I ordered the Battlesaint bracelet and started wearing it, I am not as stressed about losing my son. I find that when I haven't heard from him for days, I catch myself twirling it around my wrist and it calms me down and eases my stress. I feel that with both of us wearing it, he is protected from all the dangers he is facing in Afghanistan.”

Curtis writes:
"I look at it (BattleSaint bracelet) every day and know there are people at home who think and pray for us everyday. It does sometimes feel like there are forces we don't understand keeping watch over us."

"Might be too much to ask, but the 5 I asked for are already spoken for and since I was first asked about them there are a lot more guys asking for them." Sounds like I am going to need more bracelets!


 LaGesse Family

ewqrwqThree generations wearing the bracelet together in support!

Our son, Gabriel LeMay

twerrtweGabriel LeMay wearing his BattleSaint scarf and braceletGabriel always wore a BattleSaint Bracelet during his deployment to Afghanistan. He had a few close calls and feels his bracelet played a part in his safety. On one occasion he was inches away from an explosion as he dove into a shelter. On another occasion, he was on solo guard duty at night at his Combat Operating Base and was attacked by several enemy combatants. He held them off while under fire from several directions and was hit in the hand by a skip bullet. He received a purple heart for his valor.



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